What IS Kombucha? (in two words)

What IS Kombucha? (in two words)

Fermented tea.

What’s the big deal about that?

The big deal can be found in both of those words. Fermentation is a miracle and is the process whereby yeast and bacteria convert sugars into healthy organic acids and probiotics. Tea has been used as medicine since ancient times. By using the best tea leaves (never use tea bags) you are already starting on a health journey. Fermenting those leaves takes you up to the next level.

What do we need to create fermentation?

The first thing is yeast but yeast is everywhere. Wild yeast is in the air, in your hair and on the stairs (lol). After that we can rely on what I call “The Fermentation Triangle.”

The Fermentation Triangle:

To start a fire you need three things (heat, fuel and oxygen). To start fermentation, you need the same three things! Heat, but not too hot, fuel, for us this is sugar, and oxygen. Remove any one of those three sides of the triangle and fermentation stops.

This is why we keep our kombucha refrigerated (no heat). We bottle our kombucha by purging out the air in the bottles (no oxygen). And our bottles will last six months or more, as a result.

You now know more about kombucha than most people. Congratulations!

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