Kombucha Tasting 3-Pack

Create your own taste test experience from the comfort of your home with a 3-pack of 300ml or 750ml Kombucha. Mix and match the flavours you'd most like to taste, or try all six by ordering 2x 3-packs.

FREE SHIPPING for Auckland area!

Choose from:

Gunpowder Green Tea - light and refreshing, the perfect way to wake up your palette. 

Kenyan Purple Tea - our beautiful pink kombucha made from real purple tea leaves, and loaded with super-antioxidants. 

Hibiscus Flower - pleasantly tart with a hint of sweetness, this one is a stunner. 

Butterfly Pea Flower - a bright, vibrant purple kombucha high in antioxidants, and tastes amazing!

Earl Grey Tea - known for its satisfying taste, with a very subtle hint of orange blossom.