How Old is Kombucha

How Old is Kombucha

Most people in the west have come to know kombucha and its wonders quite recently and assume it is “some new hipster thing.” While it is true kombucha is making a global resurgence, this tea-based beverage has actually been a staple drink in Asia since the Great Wall of China was built, 2,200 years ago.

Where Does Kombucha Come From?

Like many fermented things, to make kombucha you need a starter, popularly called a “scoby.” The scoby is just kombucha itself, so you need kombucha to make kombucha. Now we reach the chicken and egg question: where did the first batch of kombucha come from? Well, like life arising from the primordial swamp, it just happened, or “evolved.” (That is what scientists say when we just don’t know). What we do know is kombucha first appeared in China.

Older Than Any Other Drink Except Water

Now back to the beginning of our story. Since you need kombucha to make kombucha, the original culture as been regenerating itself in all the different batches of kombucha since 221 BC. So, when you sip real kombucha, pause for a moment and reflect, “I am drinking something that is 2,000 years old.”

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